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Why You Need Linkedin Marketing in 2016

"If you’re not leveraging LinkedIn in 2016, you’re missing out on the best opportunity to gain an advantage over your competition & increase leads and sales today."

98% of B2B business professionals are using Linkedin incorrectly. Their account is doing nothing for them. No new connections being made, and no growth with current relationships.

THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE! 400million members strong, LinkedIn is the largest network of business professionals ever. And unlike other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, ect) these members are not there for casual networking. Instead they're there to learn, grow their network, and do business with qualified professionals (YOU!).

The Linkedin Statistics That Matter To You

80% of B2B Social Network leads online come from Linkedin.

80% of Linkedin members say they want to connect with new companies.

400million, the number of Linkedin Members.

The average household income on Linkedin is $83000

Over 5 million Businesses are on Linkedin

Virtually unlimited prospects - 99% of the time your prospect is on there


The Link & Convert Program

For organizations that realize the massive opportunity in Linkedin, but don’t have the time or expertise to leverage it properly :: we offer our Linkedin Marketing Consulting & Campaign Fullfillment Service. We are experienced Linkedin experts that take the burden off your team. Our team (based in Irvine, Ca) will run your entire Linkedin marketing campaign for you, resulting in an automated lead & referral generator for your organization. Here’s our process.


Step1 :: The Foundation (1 week)

The Purpose::

During this phase we will work to understand your organization, your targeted prospects, and design a Linkedin marketing camapaign unique to your organization and your targeted prospects.

The Work Produced::

1. Campaign Plan
2. Prospect Profile Development
3. Planning Group
4. Group Content Collection
5. Messaging Campaign Plan
6. Personal & Business Profile Makeover

Questions Answered::

- What are your most valuable potential buyers that we can connect with?
- What type of group would these buyers love to be in and position you as an expert in the field?
- What type of messages and content would facilitate relationship growth with them?




Step2 :: Build Prospect Database + Join Groups (week 2 & ongoing)

The Purpose::

During this phase we will add you into the groups needed to connect with your target prospects and build your database of prospects.

The Work Produced::

1. Join the groups that your prospects are in.
2. Connect you to 1,000s of high value prospects (steadily over the course of the campaign).

** This Step creates the foundation for all future communications. Here we are building connections with highly valuable prospects (not junk leads), all of which start off as being cold leads unfamiliar with your organization.


Step3 :: Group Development (ongoing starting week 3)

The Purpose::

Create & run an active group that your buyers will benefit from being in and will establish you, the group owner, as the EXPERT in your field.

The Work Produced::

1. Create a group that attracts your best prospects to join.
2. Manage the group daily sharing content, facilitating discussion, and administering all shared content.
3. Daily growing your groups, inviting and adding new prospects into it.

** This Step creates an extremely valuable asset for your organization. With ownership of the group, we will be able to send messages directly to all group members.




Step4 :: 7 touch Messaging Campaign (ongoing starting week 3)

The Purpose::

It takes at least 7 "touches" before the average person will connect or buy. In this step we build a relationship with your new connections, sending the purposefully crafted messages we prepared in step 1 to turn them from cold connections into warm prospects.

The Work Produced::

1. Deliver 100s of messages to your connections.
2. Move connections from "cold" to "knowing you" to "liking & you" to "buying from you".
3. Set it up so leads come in a steady stream instead of all at once.

** This step is where you will harvest the rewards of all the work we've been doing. We have a 30% favorable response rate. This means 30 out of 100 potential prospects we connect with will agree to speak with you.


The L&C Program Results

We like to let the results speak for themselves. Here is what our average campaign produces. Contact Us for Case Studies.


New Relationships with Targeted Prospects


Minimum Qualified Leads per month


% Profile View Increase


% Positive Message Response Rate

What Our Program Will Do For You


15-40+ leads per month guaranteed (based on the program you’re in).

YOU GET Connections

We connect you with 100s of prospect buyers each and every month.

YOU GET Prescreened Buyers

We will Filter your prospects by company size, industry, profession, title, ect to get the exact buyer you want.

YOU BUILD Influencer connections

We connect & build a relationship with influencers in your industry.


We connect with your buyers without spamming or intruding on their day (like cold calling for example).

YOU BUILD Relationships

We build strong relationships with your buyers by providing valuable resources & content.

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